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It's Like A Jungle Sometimes...
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I Exercise my right to express myself in a way I feel necessary.
Black Excellence...


Rest in Peace to Michael Brown and to every young black man murdered in America, whether by the hands of white or black. I pray that one day the world will be filled with peace and rid of injustice. Only then will we all Be Free - Cole




Big Daddy Kane & Tupac Shakur


Hip Hop Connection Magazine, Issue #15, June 1990.

Big Daddy Kane.


Big Daddy Kane, Madonna, Naomi Campbell


A mother lost her child. A father lost his son. A young man lost his life. #JusticeForMikeBrown


DC Rally for Mike Brown & Ferguson (8.14.14) #NMOS14

On Thursday 8.14.14 we rallied in Malcolm X park here in DC demanding justice for Mike Brown and accountability from our government for the ongoing police brutality in Ferguson. These are some faces from the event. #nmos14 #ferguson #mikebrown #blacklivesmatter

More Pictures: HERE


Remember Brother Malcolm

May 19th is the birthday of Malcolm, but his birthday is not why we must remember Malcolm. Why then do we remember Malcolm? Malcolm is best remembered as being the one force that opened the eyes of more than 22 million Black people in America to the political tricks and games played on them by their so-called government. It was Malcolm who gave a new definition of politics to Black people.

Malcolm exposed so-called leaders of the Black Liberation struggle for the opportunists and bootlickers they were. It was Malcolm who traveled the African continent spreading the truth and destroying the myths about the plight of Black people in America. It was Malcolm who examined American tradition and told it like it is. It was Malcolm who challenged the manhood of Black Americans by telling them that they had better “stop singing and start swinging!”

It is the wisdom, the strength, and the love of humanity that was Malcolm, that was the motivating force in the founding of the Black Panther Party.

Malcolm is manifested in Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seale, and Eldridge Cleaver. There was Malcolm in Bobby Hutton, “Bunchy,” and John Huggins. The Black Panther Party does not commemorate the death date of a revolutionary. But be it his birthdate or not, Malcolm is ever present in the thoughts and actions of Black revolutionaries who are putting something into practice.

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